Business insurance policies are essential for protecting your assets and reputation, along with helping you succeed longterm. Although business insurance isn’t required by law in Texas, companies with insurance policies attract and retain top talent, have a better brand image, and qualify for bigger projects.

You can’t predict the future, nor are you in control of what happens – most people don’t wake up in the morning and plan on getting sued. The hard truth is that you can’t keep an employee from making a poor decision or stop an act of God. Commercial insurance keeps your business going and protects your revenue stream.



Our commercial team provides necessary state filing paperwork like certificates and important financial regulatory documents. We take the pain out of business insurance.


The leader of our business team, Barrett Baker, has been working in commercial insurance and insurance consulting for 8 years. You can take his recommendations to the bank.


We care about your business as much as we care about our own, your business becomes an extension of ours. We are quick to respond, even after hours when most emergencies tend to happen.
You don’t have to purchasing a new home, refinancing, or buying a new car to get an insurance quote.

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