In 2010, Dustin Paine founded Paine Insurance Group. In 8 years time, he has built a top growing insurance agency in McKinney. Our team’s expert knowledge and enthusiastic leadership has undoubtedly created a thriving agency. We are committed to providing elite insurance services, growing with our network partners, and giving back to our local community. Please reach out to us today, if you or one of your customers need a coverage quote for home, auto, recreational, life, or business coverage. We have licensed insurance agents waiting to provide solutions just for you!


  • DUSTIN PAINE | Founding Agent & CEO

  • JENNIFER BROOKS | Office Manager


  • NICK AMATO | Licensed Sales Agent

  • SETH OTT | Protégé

  • SHANNON CAGLE | Commercial Specialist

  • KIM EGAN | Life Insurance Specialist

  • MIRANDA WIEBE | Relationship Manager

  • AJ GARNER | Customer Service Agent

  • JENNIFER BELL | Service Team Member

  • CAMERON CAGLE | Data Professional


We guarantee you won’t find a better experience at another insurance company in McKinney. Paine Insurance Group agents will get you the right policy, at the right price, in the right time.

Whether you’re building a home, purchasing a new house, refinancing your mortgage loan, or shopping for car insurance, you will receive a same day quote that fits your needs. It is important to realize that bundling your insurance policies will save you time and money in the long run. Expect your insurance agent to ask about your auto insurance, life insurance outside of work, and umbrella coverage while quoting your homeowners insurance, because we like to cover all of our bases up front.

Once you and your agent have chosen the best insurance bundle for you, then we will submit the policy documents and your mind can be at ease. You will officially be in the Paine Insurance Group family.

But wait, that’s not all! Expect us to reach out to you throughout the year and confirm your policy coverage still fits your family’s needs. We aren’t going to be your first call when you put in an outdoor kitchen or buy a diamond ring, but bet your bottom dollar your insurance policy needs to be updated!


Paine Insurance Group supports our local community at various festivals and activities. You will find us promoting our insurance office in McKinney at family-friendly events throughout the year.
You don’t have to purchasing a new home, refinancing, or buying a new car to get an insurance quote.

Questions? Call our insurance agency in McKinney now for inquiries: 972-387-9217


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