Save Money with New Roof Discount on Homeowners Insurance for McKinney Residents

Did you repair the roof of your home after the hail storm this April? Or did you need to get a new roof after damage from the baseball sized hail that hit McKinney in April of 2017? Homeowners with new roofs in the McKinney area are eligible for up to 40% off their homeowners insurance premiums. The new roof discount is available for single-family homes.

Newer roofs bring the biggest savings but – depending on your coverage – we’ve seen discounts given on roof replacements done as far back as 7 years ago. For additional discounts, look at bundling your home and auto insurance. You can receive even higher savings on your insurance premiums when you have multiple policies with one insurance carrier.

If you’ve replaced your roof, make sure you talk to your insurance agent. You should also mention other home repairs and changes that you have made to your home. Repairs and upgrades can save you big money on your insurance, and your agent needs to make sure your property is covered appropriately.

Why Is the Roof So Important to Home Insurance Rates?

When setting your rates, insurance companies look at a number of factors. An individual’s insurance score, claims history, the type of home, and age of the roof all weigh in on how much you’ll pay for insurance coverage. New homes and houses with new roofs can withstand hail and wind damage better than old ones. Ultimately less leaks means less claims on your insurance, and less risk means better home insurance rates!

Typically, your insurance will cover most damage to your roof including wind, rain, hail, vandalism, falling objects, fire, hurricanes, and tornadoes. But the age and condition of your roof do impact the coverage. An old roof with existing damage can limit the protection you can receive from your home insurance policy.

How to Save Money on Your Insurance in McKinney with a New Roof Discount

Your roof is vital to your home’s structural integrity, your family, and your possessions. A new roof also lowers the risk for insurance carriers to provide coverage. But not all roof repairs and replacements are created equal. You’ll want to get clarity on what constitutes a “new roof” from your local insurance agent.

This is Texas, and it’s possible your cousin’s cousin has been working in roofing for 3 years. But the patch he did to the north side of the roof in May 2016 probably won’t get you the new roof discount. A professionally and properly installed, well-maintained roof with climate-appropriate materials will decrease the likelihood of you filing future claims. Professionally installed roofs win you big discounts on your homeowners insurance premiums.

4 Steps to Getting a New Roof Discount

  1. Use roofing material for your type of home and the region you live in.
  2. Hire a certified professional roofer. NOTE: If you file a claim, your insurance company will send a professional inspector. He will assess the state of your roof, home and any belongings reported as damaged. Signs of inadequate roof construction or maintenance could lead to your claim being denied. Most policies have exclusions regarding faulty roof installation and improper maintenance.
  3. Maintain your new roof by removing branches and leaves. Clean the gutters and get the roof inspected every couple of years to check for broken shingles, pests, and damage.
  4. Keep your receipts, contracts, and inspection paperwork and take photos of any work you have done on your roof. You need to have detailed records in the event you make a claim.

The new roof discount applies to single-family homes, but can be applied to rentals, vacant homes, condos, and townhomes. Contact your insurance agent to get a handle on what your policy covers, and understand how a claim will be processed. Your agent can also explain the requirements, exclusions, and pricing for protecting the most important things and people in your life.

Talk to Your McKinney Homeowners Insurance Agent Today and Save

Different insurance companies have their own policy requirements and exclusions. Speak with your agent today to see if you qualify for significant savings with the new roof discount. And be sure to ask about other discounts for home repairs. Bringing electrical, plumbing, and HVAC up to code on older homes helps lower your insurance rate.

If you are dissatisfied with your current insurer’s coverage and pricing, be sure to chat with a local insurance agent about your options. You’ll find that pricing can vary considerably for the same coverage, in the same area, from one insurance company to another. Paine Insurance Group is dedicated to being the best insurance agency in McKinney.

The Right Policy, The Right Price, The Right Time

There is no “one size fits all” when it comes to protecting your family, and we spend the extra time to tailor plans specific for your needs. Our agents focus on follow-up and follow-through to protect the things and people that matter most to you. We would love to answer any questions you have about insurance coverage and options in McKinney. Call Paine Insurance Group today at 972-387-9217 or visit us Monday through Friday. We are located at 3400 Eldorado Parkway, Suite 4, McKinney, TX 75070.


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