Personal liability insurance protects you and the things you own from lawsuits and unpredictable damages. We call it peace of mind in case you accidentally cause harm to someone or someone else’s belongings. Our insurance agents are experts at tailoring personal lines insurance to fit your family’s needs. We believe there is no one-size fits all policy when it comes to your insurance.

In many cases, you might only think about your personal property insurance during major life events like purchasing a new home, refinancing, buying a car, or making additions to your family- and that’s ok when you join Paine Insurance Group. We reach out to you throughout the year to make sure your policy’s coverage still fits your needs, because we know you aren’t thinking about us when you get a new diamond tennis bracelet.

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Texas hail storms are no joke, and we all know McKinney and surrounding areas take a beating every year. We offer home insurance to cover home based on replacement cost, because you never know when a storm, fire, water damage, theft, or vandalism is going to happen. You will find homeowners, townhome, condo, renters, landlord, vacant home, and builder’s risk insurance under general home insurance.


Did you know that most car insurance coverage in Texas is 50/100/50? If you cause an accident and the damages exceed your limits, then you are personally liable for those expenses. You don’t plan on causing a car accident, but you need to be prepared for when it happens.
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Recreational insurance is for your peace of mind while you’re out having fun. You don’t head out to the lake for a day of family fun expecting to have an accident that damages your property and hurts someone, but the unfortunate reality is that accidents happen. Your boat, jet skis, ATVs, trailers, RVs, and golf carts all need coverage for the unexpected.


Personal umbrella insurance is lawsuit coverage for anything you or your family is personally liable for – from swimming pool accidents to playground fights. It’s your personal liability insurance catch-all. When your Homeowners, Auto, or Recreational policy limits have been reached, your Umbrella policy kicks in and covers the additional expenses to defend your case and protect your savings.
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You don’t have to be purchasing a new home, refinancing, or buying a new car to get an insurance quote.

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